This is the first time we have used your product and we have been very impressed with the results so far. Our bitch had 9 big healthy puppies having been on your food for 4 weeks prior to the birth. We had no small or weak puppies and a super strong litter from day 1. We are assured breeders at the Kennel Club and as we bred our female on a back to back litter, to avoid having 2 litters at the same time, we were required to have a vet check our female for health reasons. The vet stated that she was in super shape and did not look like she had a litter at all let alone a back to back. The puppies have had their first feed on your puppy food today and they loved it. Please find attached a picture of them with their mother the day they were born and today having their first meal. We would not hesitate to recommend your puppy food!!

Kind regards
Penny and Jim Flower


This is a litter Mrs Green has produced solely on Salters.. Lollypop is half Spanish and half Italian with a Russian father.

“Another superb and very special litter reared solely on Salters” we are just over the moon!


Here are our gorgeous Labradoodle pups, all weaned on Salters Puppy Food, lovely calm, satisfied little ones growing beautifully with bright eyes and healthy tummies!